e-Builder presents the Capital Performance Webinar Series, featuring the construction industry’s most impactful webinars! 

Increase your capital program performance with proven best-in-class strategies, insights and practices used by top organizations performing at championship levels. Check out our webinar topics!


Director and Executive 

Planning the right plays, looking at strategy of the team, measuring the performance vs. mistakes

Project Manager & Control 

Leading the team on the court and winning the championship.


Getting the right players and making sure tickets are selling.

Contractor & Design Professional

Players executing the plays to score and help win the game.


Want to see an awesome game and cheering on the team.


WATCH TODAY - Start your game plan with the 10 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of a well-planned project. Gear up for improved decision-making with streamlined processes, business intelligence and dashboards to monitor project health.

WATCH TODAY - This data-driven session covers the 9 industry trends, strategies and behaviors of top performing owner organizations. See how you measure up to the top players in Construction.

WATCH TODAY - Time to take action! During this session, you will learn the 7 habits of project All-Stars! From empathizing to collaborating, your project team will be heading to the finals within just 7 steps.  

WATCH TODAY - Final closing seconds - Ignite your project performance with cloud-based project management. Don’t get benched by Excel spreadsheets and outdated systems, innovate to win! 

IGNITE YOUR GAME and request a walk-through of how e-Builder’s construction program management software can help you manage your projects.